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Last year before anything was really know about the forthcoming Avengers movie I posted this blog.  As I mentioned at the time there seems to be a real lack of female involvement, things haven’t really improved but one thing we do now no is that Joss Whedon is onboard as director. Whedon is the man who gave us Buffy, River Tam and Echo as well as writing Alien: Resurrection so hopefully we will see a few female avengers. With that in mind I thought I would take a look at some possibilities.

Although not going as real-world as Batman the characters for the Avengers movies do appear to be human unlike the mutants of X-Men. Along with Nick Fury we also have: Iron Man; Captain America and The Hulk. Even the genetically enhanced characters started out human so I have stuck to similar characters. As mentioned in last years article I have not read any Avengers so have looked the information up on this characters online. I hope it is correct.

Suggested female Avengers

Tigra aka Greer Grant is a perfect fit alongside the other genetically (or mechanically) improved humans. She has retractable catlike claws, superhuman strength, speed, senses and agility following “human potential experiments” whatever that means. She appears in the comic books with tiger striped skin, I suggest this will be toned down if she were to be used in the movie and a tail that would most probably not appear. Possible casting: Michelle Rodriguez.

Barbara “Bobbi” Morse has no special powers or abilities but is an elite trained athlete and gymnast and expert in various armed and unarmed combats. She could appear as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Agent 19 or one of her other identities Huntress or Mockingbird.  Possible casting: Olivia Wilde:

She-Hulk aka Jennifer Susan Walters: Received a life saving blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner after been shot and wounded by gangsters. She is described as having similar powers to those of The Hulk but at a reduced level her appearance is also less extreme looking more like a Amazon (except green) than a Hulk type giant monster. After gaining control of her transformations she decided to stay in the She-Hulk form permanently. Unlike to make an appearance but you never know, a pre transfusion Jennifer would be a good cameo as it would leave the door open for future. Possible casting: Rachel Nichols (its not like we haven’t seen her green before!)

Black Widow aka Natalia Romanova. We will know more about the film incarnation of her after the release of Iron Man II next week. Played in the movie by Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man II there as yet no mention of her in The Avengers. Will she survive Iron Man?

Madame Masque aka Giulietta Nefaria aka Whitney Frost: Not a team member but a good enemy of supporting character. Described as an occasional love interest of Tony Stark and often enemy of his alter ego Iron Man. She was the daughter of the master criminal but raised by a wealthy financier. As a young adult she debutante and socialite and engaged to a politician. The relationship ended when her true identity was revealed. As with most of the selections she has no superhuman powers but is athletic and well trained in martial arts hand-to-hand combatant and is an expert markswoman. She also wears body armour of an unknown composition or origin that includes gold metal faceplate that hard enough to deflect bullets. Beneath the plate she is scarred from injuries sustained in a plane crash. She has also been known to command dreadnought robots. Best of all for a movie adaptation she is mentally unstable and possibly criminally insane. To work in the movies the filmmakers would probably want to show her face so that means toning down the scarring. Possible casting: Monica Bellucci she is supposed to be Italian after all.

Elektra aka Elektra Natchios: Despite the success of Daredevil the chances of bringing back Elektra probably aren’t that great given the failure of her own movie. With an affiliation to S.H.I.E.L.D. the comic book fans should be happy with her inclusion and for movie fans it is one more familiar character so introductions shouldn’t be a problem. Jennifer Garner seems to be descending into rom-com oblivion so a recast may be in order. Possible Casting I would stick with Jennifer Garner, at 38 she is still young enough to kick some ass!

The casting of Chris Evans as Captain America suggests their won’t be any Fantastic Four crossover. So not much chance of Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman.  So no Jessica Alba, but lets be honest The Fantastic 4 is pretty crap and the in competition with The Punisher for the wooden spoon award for weakest recent Marvel franchise.

 Any other suggestions?

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