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Repo Men

Not to be confused with the superior Repo! The Genetic Opera or the classic Repo Man.  Jude Law has been nominated for two Oscars and is back on or near the A list following his performance as Watson in Sherlock Holmes.  Forest Whitaker is an Oscar winner.  Alice Braga is a great actress who was in City of God (2002), the number three movie in my top ten of the previous decade.  Liev Schreiber is one of the best and under appreciated actors around at the moment and was the only good thing about last years X Men Origins: Wolverine.  This leads to the question: What are they doing in this shit movie?  Whatever there reasoning the original intended star Leonardo DiCaprio had a luck escape.

Not unlike Repo! The Genetic Opera the movie is set in a near future where man made replacement organs are available, however if you fail to make the payments a repo man will come and cut them from your body and return them to manufacturer. Most of the plot is given away in the trailer Remi (Jude Law) is a repo man until something goes wrong on a job and he is given a life saving replacement heart. After receiving it he finds himself reluctant to do his job and falls behind with his payments. The movie then turns into a minority report style movie of our hero on the run, I really expected someone to say everybody runs and was kind of disappointed when they didn’t.  The one good scene to look out for is when the two repo men are watching the live organ transplant scene from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, at least they had a scene of humour about what they were making.

There is some reasonable action and the acting is okay but all is let down by a terrible script with rubbish dialogue.  There is a really silly scene that attempts to sexualise blood and gore that just doesn’t work.  They may have gotten away with it if it had been sexy but the result was just laughable. It appears at the time to be totally gratuitous but looking back from the end of the movie when put into context it makes scenes, it doesn’t make it any good though.  Speaking of ill-conceived scenes there is a really poor attempt to emulate the hallway scene from Oldboy, it really doesn’t work.  The other problem is that there is nothing original or particularly surprising about the movie.  There is a reveal to an earlier key scene that is absolutely no surprise and there is a twist at the end that left me feeling somewhat cheated.  The other problem is that the movie doesn’t know what it wants to be.  Where it could have been an action packed and visceral B movie the filmmakers had grander ideas.  There are elements that make me think they intended the movie to be a cutting satire on consumerism and the state of healthcare in America that is then confused by an existential plotline.  The result of this is that it diminishes the movie as a whole.

Ultimately a good premise and some great actors are wasted in mess of a movie.

One Star out of Five

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