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Scott from the blog He Shot Cyrus recently started a new meme entitled “10 Movie Facts About Me”.  He nominated me a few days ago but unfortunately I have been a little snowed under and didn’t do anything. It seems to have spread like an infection in a bad disaster movie. The latest infected are Heather from Movie Mobsters, Paul from Paragraph Film Reviews and Marc from Go,See,Talk! Unable to fight it off any longer here are my ten facts in no particular order (I have already revealed a few of these in previous posts):

  1. I wrote my first film review at age five or six. It was for The Cannonball Run. Each Monday morning in primary school we had to write “what I did at the weekend” one week having not done anything else of interest wrote about the movie I had seen. I said who was in it, what was good about it, what was wrong with it, I compared it to other films and drew a picture of a car. I was really proud of it, my teacher hated it. Partly because she said the exercise was “What I did at the weekend, not what someone in a film did” and partly because I asked her how to spell Lamborghini Countach and she didn’t have a clue.
  2. Until I went to university at the age of eighteen I had only seen seven movies at the Cinema. I can name them but won’t, it will be the subject of a blog post one day.
  3. In 2008 I went on a “pilgrimage” to West Texas to see the locations where the movie Fandango (that gives my blog its name) was filmed.
  4. I have been going to the cinema most Sundays for about twelve years with the same friend.  I have not told him that I write a movie blog.  At first I was embarrassed about people I know reading what I write.  Then I thought it would be fun to see if he would ever come across my blog one day.
  5. I still own more than 200 movies on VHS and regularly watch some of them.
  6. I don’t have a favourite movie. I like too many to chose just one.
  7. When I was about ten years old I was introduced to Christopher Lee, I had no idea who he was. A few months later Channel 4 started showing a series of old Hammer Horror movies starting with Dracula: Prince of Darkness. This is when I first got interested in horror movies.
  8. Despite living four hours drive from a decent surfing break I learnt to surf inspired by the movie Point Break.
  9. I saw over 100 new releases last year, I am on target to see even more this year.
  10. I have a great memory plots but not for names. If a movie I saw twenty-five years ago comes on TV I will probably remember pretty much what happens but if you ask my who was in the movie I saw last nigh I will have to think about it and then say something like “the bloke from trainspotting”.

I understand it is my duty now to pass it on. I have tried to stick to people I don’t think have been nominated yet but this thing is spreading so fast they probably all have several nominations by now.

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James Bond Will Return

I guess everyone has heard by now that production on the next James Bond movie has been suspended indefinitely.  A statement from producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson said “Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on Bond 23 indefinitely”

It is no secret that MGM have had their problems in recent years.  Last August the daily telegraph reported that a $250m credit payment would be due around now. The total debt was quoted at $3.7bn and is due for repayment in just over two years.  The same article explained that Stephen Cooper had taken over as CEO and vice-chairman and was “tasked with improving the health of the company’s balance sheet”.  They described Mr Cooper as a “well-known restructuring expert”. Variety called him “a turnaround specialist” and suggested company could auction of some of its assets including the James Bond franchise and the upcoming Hobbit movies.

The franchise has always made money with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace combined grossing over a billion dollars and making around $850million profit.  The four Pierce Brosnan movies combined made over a billion dollars profit.  Making Bond something of a double edged sword for a studio in trouble; if sold such a profitable franchise could be help the studios finances but if they are still seeking a buyer the company will be far more attractive with Bond onboard.

What will this mean for star Daniel Craig and potential director Sam Mendes?  The last time a Bond movie was postponed was back in 1990 due to legal issues between UA/MGM and EON; the dispute lasted nearly five years and Timothy Dalton’s contract to appear in a third film expired.  Although talks were held an agreement was never reached and Pierce Brosnan was hired.  It is unlikely there will be a six year gap as there was between Licence to Kill and GoldenEye meaning the retention of Daniel Craig shouldn’t be a problem but Sam Mendes is sure to have other projects he wants to work on (IMDB have four listed). Whatever happens they need to wind up the “Quantum” storyline in the next movie before it becomes a millstone around the companies neck. What next for James Bond? Who knows but one thing is certain, as it always used to say at the end of the credits (do the new films say it? I have never looked):

James Bond Will Return

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