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The supernatural horror/thriller Shelter was shot two years ago, it doesn’t appear to have been released in America yet and it crept into UK cinemas this week with little advertising and no press screening as far as I am aware.  No press screening is often a bad omen but I took a chance as Julianne Moore is always worth watching, even if her movies aren’t. Remember The Forgotten? No you probably don’t, if ever there was an aptly titled movie! More often than not I don’t read reviews, I am happy to make my own mind up a bout a movie but it is nice to know the distributers have the confidence to let their movie be reviewed.  I must admit I sometimes check out the verdict and star rating to avoid the real turkeys.

Clara (Julianne Moore) is a forensic psychiatrist; she gets a shock whilst attempting to disprove a patients (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) multiple personality disorder.  Firstly she begins to believe that he does have multiple personalities, then she starts to investigate who they are.

The first thing I though of whist watching the film was how much it reminded me of Identity, a crap film about multiple personalities written by someone who thinks he is more intelligent than his audience but probably isn’t.  I didn’t find out until after I had seen the movie they were both written by Michael Cooney who was also responsible for Jack Frost and Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman, movies about a serial killer reincarnated as a killer snowman. Think of them as a low rent version of Childs Play, can anything actually be that low rent?

The developments in the plot a designed to confuse and surprise the audience, what they actually did is made me not care what was going on. The movie is truly rubbish and I struggle to find any reason to recommend the movie making it my first ever one star movie.  Interestingly at the time of going to press it has a healthy 6.5/10 on IMDB so some people must like it.

One star out of Five



As my first one star movie I thought I would look into what makes a one star movie. Since I started giving ratings back in January I have give nine two star ratings.  These movies all had something to redeem them and gave some kind of enjoyment for example although poor Legion and Solomon Kane where good fun and didn’t take themselves too seriously.  The Lovely Bones was well shot and had some great acting.  From Paris with Love and Ninja Assassin were really poor films but had some great action.  Shelter has none of this the best thing I can say about it is the acting is reasonable except Jonathan Rhys Meyers terrible accents and the production design is reasonably good. These redeeming features are crushed by the atrocious script.

Anyone who likes the idea of a supernormal horror I suggest you stay at home and rent a couple of DVDs such as The Exorcist and Fallen.  If you really want to see Shelter look out for the things it borrows* from these two movies.

*borrows is a euphemism for shamelessly steals

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