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Desert Island DVDs

Imagine yourself stranded on a desert island, by some strange miracle (maybe the Dharma Initiative have something to do with it) you have a DVD player and monitor but only eight movies to watch on it.  Not knowing how long until you are rescued you may have to watch them over and over again.  Which eight movies would you pick?

Based on the BBC radio program Desert Island Discs I asked this question of some fellow bloggers, click the links below to see the results:

Newcomers and late arrivals:

Since we went live on Sunday a few people have approached me to ask if it’s too late to join in.  The simple answer is no, keep them coming.  I am posting new entries here outside the alphabetical list so it’s easy to spot the new ones:

At the time of posting these links I have no idea what most of the selected films will be. A couple of people posted early and I asked the first ten people who signed up for one or two of the films they would be taking to help he chose the little poster you see at the top and bottom of the page otherwise I was in the dark. So what did people choose? I’m sure there is a good selection of classic movies, some guilty pleasers and some fun titles. Did anyone choose a home movie? Is anyone taking porn (and has admitted to it)? How about a survival DVD? Has anyone cheated and claimed The Lord of the Rings Trilogy as a single movie? All of these are possible; you will have to click all the links above to find out.

If I have missed anyone of sorry, send me an email or a message with your link and I will rectify it.

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I have invited a few fellow bloggers to pick their Desert Island DVDs, a variation on the BBC radio program Desert Island Discs.  Each participant must pick just eight movies to be stranded on a desert island with.  For some people it is just a matter of picking their favourite movies for me it is far more complicated.  Having gone through numerous drafts and not being happy with my list I deleted it all and started again with a new philosophy. My eight movies are the ones I have watched the most in the last ten years. Interestingly this new approach has resulted in me leaving some of my favourite movies an home: Fandango, North By Northwest and Fight Club to name just a few. Anyone who saw my 24 hours to go notice may have spotted a little sneak preview of my eight movies.

Casablanca (1942): A perfect film that never gets old or tied no matter how many times I watch it. If anything I appreciate it more each time I see it.

Some Like it Hot (1959): Possibly my all time favourite movie, as a kid I saw it countless times as it is one of very few movies that the whole family loved and could watch over and over again.

Two Lane Blacktop (1971): Most people I know haven’t seen this movie, those that have probably only saw it because I forced my copy of the DVD onto them, and most of them didn’t really like it. I watch this movie a lot and I get more out of it every time I see it.

Goodfellas (1990): The Godfather and The Godfather part II are as good if not better than Goodfellas but I watch Goodfellas more than either of the Godfather movies. It also happens to be my favourite movie from one of my all time favourite directors.

Dazed and Confused (1993): I am a big fan of Richard Linklater, whist this isn’t my favourite of his movies it is the most watchable and it has a real feel-good factor about it. It’s a movie anyone can relate to, we were all young once.

Pulp Fiction (1994): I can never decide what my favourite Tarantino movie is but the fact I watch Pulp Fiction more than any of his others speaks volumes. This is a movie I will never get bored of.

Oldboy (2003) This is the subject of a late change. I nearly didn’t include Oldboy as I haven’t seen it as many times as the other movies on the list but it is my favourite movie of the past ten years and I couldn’t live without it on my desert island. So sorry to Fight Club and Fandango and all the other movies that missed out!

Serenity (2005): If pushed I would say when it comes to Sci-Fi I prefer Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Alien and Aliens but since it came out nearly five years ago I have probably seen Serenity more than any other movie. I am only sorry I can’t take the whole Firefly TV show to go with it.

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