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Inspired by The Mad Hatters Love of Almost Famous. Anyone who has seen the film will remember the life changing event that happened to young William Miller. The character based on writer/director Cameron Crowe lives with his older sister and their oppressive/repressive mother. When his sister leaves home (to a soundtrack of America by Simon and Garfunkel) she tells William: “One day you’ll be cool. Look under your bed, it’ll set you free”. What he finds under his bed is her record collection, actually part of Cameron Crowe’s own collection from when he was a kid. As William flips through the records you can clearly see what eight of them are:

The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds

The Rolling Stones: Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!

Led Zeppelin: II

Jimi Hendrix Experience:  Axis Bold as Love

Cream: Wheels of Fire

Joni Mitchell: Blue

Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde

The Who: Tommy

So what compelled my to blog about this? Very simply I own six of the eight albums used in the scene.

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Anyone who has been following my blog in the past month will know that this Sunday all participating bloggers will post their Desert Island DVDs. One blogger The Mad Hatter couldn’t control himself and posted early. In response his better half dubbed Lady Hatter posted her own list in the comments section. I thought I would reproduce the list so it can appear in the main blog on Sunday. So here it is word for word (Images added by me):

Sorry my love, but I hope we’re never stranded on an island together because I don’t want to be stuck with most of your selections! Great films… but far too depressing. I’d want some movies that bring me joy:

Breakfast Club

Almost Famous (we share one in common)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Singin’ In The Rain

Roman Holiday

Nightmare Before Christmas


Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (most whimsical of the set)

I would have put the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I’m being told that’s a cheat!

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