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Do you want to get involved in a multi blog movie event? All you need is a blog (or access to post on somebody else’s blog) It doesn’t even have to be a movie blog.

The idea is a variation on the radio program Desert Island Discs: For those who don’t know the show has been running on the BBC for nearly 70 years. Guests are invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island with only eight pieces of music to listen to.  Being a movie blog obviously we are having a twist on the idea. Simple pick the eight DVD’s that if you were stranded on a desert island (don’t ask how you would play them) you could happily watch over and over again. For some people this will be their favourite movies for others it will be subtly different. 

The blog doesn’t have to follow any particular format; it can just be a list with no explanation, a review of the movies, an explanation of why you chose them, or anything else you want to do. I was thinking of picking a date next month for everyone to publish. If you are part of a blog with more than one contributor you all select your own list or you can work together on a collective one, the choice is yours. I have sent out a handful of invites, a few people have expressed an interest and the following have confirmed they are onboard: *(I am particularly pleased to have Tara onboard as hers isn’t a movie blog. Check it out if you haven’t seen it).

Anyone else who is interested in taking part or if you have already responded and I have missed you off the list above (sorry) let me know by leaving a message below.  None bloggers are also welcome, leave a message below and I will email you back with how you can get involved. 

All blogs will be posted on the same day next month date TBA shortly.



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