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This Years G.I. Joe?

Review: Ninja Assassin

Once in awhile a movie comes along that gets everything wrong. The acting is shocking, the direction is plodding, the plot is ludicrous, the dialogue rubbish, the fight scenes are ridiculously over the top and it offers absolutely nothing new to the genre, Ninja Assassin is one such film. Surprisingly it gets away with a lot of this. Directed by James McTeigue who has mainly worked as an assistant director (including for the Wachowski brothers who produced this movie) and made his feature debut V for Vendetta (also produced by the Wachowski brothers). The strange casting consists of: Naomie Harris who is usually a reliable actress, Korean pop star Rain (listen out for the boy-band comment) and Ben Miles. Miles appeared in V for Vendetta and Speed Racer but is probably best known in the UK for the TV shows Coupling and Cold Feet.

So what is good about the movie? Actually not a lot but, it is unashamedly a dumb mindless action flick whose thin plot is only there to string together the violent and bloody fighting scenes. And that’s the point, that is all it ever sets out to do and it does it quite well. The action particularly the fighting is slick and well shot and it doesn’t linger on the slower quieter scenes. And best of all it checks in at a relatively svelte 99 minutes before it has a chance to drag and get on your nerves (yes Michael 150 minute Bay I am talking to you). Interestingly with this and Speed Racer under his belt Rain actually looks like he may make it as a Hollywood action star.

So like G.I. Joe last year, it isn’t particularly good but it is inoffensive, fun at times and it probably won’t turn out to be the worst movie of the year.

Two Stars out of Five.

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