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BAFTA Rising Star Award 2010

The nominations are in for the Rising Star Award at the 2010 BAFTA’s. Unlike other awards this on is voted for by the general public like you and me! You can cast your vote here. Here is some information on the nominees:

Carey Mulligan, Age: 24: In the past twelve months I have seen two films featuring Carey: a blink and you miss her part in Public Enemies and a leading role in An Education that must be worthy of Oscar and BAFTA nominations. She has upcoming roles in Brothers, Wall Street 2. Prior to last year most of her work was in television most notably a brilliant episode of Doctor Who in 2007 entitled Blink

Tahar Rahim, Age: 28: I am yet to see him in any films yet but Un prophète is due for UK release a week on Friday. The film has already won the Grand Prize of the Jury at last years Cannes film festival and been nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category for this years Golden Globes. Tahar himself has won the Best Actor award at the European Film Awards and has been nominated in the Actor of the Year category of the London Critics Circle Film Awards.

Kristen Stewart, Age: 19: At just 19 Kristen Stewart has already been around for nine years. Her most memorable early performance was in Panic Room in 2002. Hayden Panettiere (now best known for Heroes) had originally been cast along side Nicole Kidman, Stewart replaced her as more of a tomboy character to contrast with Kidman who in turn was replaced by Jodie Foster changing the dynamic again. In recent years she is best know as Bella Swan from the Twilight films. last year she also stared alongside fellow nominee Jesse Eisenberg in Adventureland. Coming up later this year she is playing 80’s star Joan Jett in The Runaways and the third instalment of the Twilight Saga.

Nicholas Hoult, Age: 20: Nicholas first came to our attention as the slightly weird kid Marcus alongside Hugh Grant in About a Boy (2002)although he had appeared an many TV programs since the age of seven. Since then he has made many TV and film appearances and is probably best know in recent years for the TV show Skins. Later this year you can see him in A Single Man & Clash of the Titans.

Jesse Eisenberg, Age: 26: With thirteen films in the last eight years Jesse Eisberg is nothing if not prolific. Possibly at risk as being typecast as a geeky teenager his first significant adult role was in The Hunting Party (2007), a really good film based on true story that really should have reached a larger audience. 2009 saw two great parts for him Adventureland, Zombieland. He has another five films in production or already in the can including David Fincher’s The Social Network where he plays Mark Zuckerberg, one of the founders of facebook. A sequel to Zombieland has also been suggested.

For those who are wondering, I have already voted for Carey Mulligan.

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