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Avatar & Dune same story?

It has often been suggested that everything ever written boiles down to seven plots, they are: the quest, rags to riches, overcoming the monster, voyage and return, comedy, tragedy, rebirth. It is with this in mind it is no surprise that Avatar left me with a feeling that I had seen it before.

A young man travels to an alien planet. 

The planet is very rich in a valuable substance that is mined/harvested.

Before long he is living with the natives where he falls in love with one of them.

The natives travel by riding on the back of the planets creatures, this is also a rite of passage for young men.

The young man soon rises to lead the natives in an attach against their oppressors culminating in a one on one fight.

Both films have quasi religious undertones.  Although not exactly the same, there are lots of similarities between James Cameron’s new epic and David Lynch’s underrated adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel. One thing that is very different, the revenue. Avatar took $73million in its first weekend. Dunes gross revenue on general release was just $30million, ot 75% of its budget.

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