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I didn’t like the look of G.I. Joe when I saw the trailer so didn’t bother watching it at the cinema. Following a glowing review and three out of four stars from Jim at Movie Mobsters I thought I would give it a go. Firstly I have to say it was considerably better than I was expecting, having said that from the trailer, I expected it to be one of the worst films ever made.

  • The Good:
  • The effects are nowhere near as bad as has been reported and at times are actually quite good and don’t look silly within the context of the movie. (Strangely the handling characteristics of a motorbike in one scene look less realistic that the totally far fetched stuff!). The film is virtually nonstop action and the two hours fly by unlike Transformers 2: Revenge of the plot less clap, whose six and half hours feels like about a week. There is a good looking cast of recognisable actors, some of whom are well cast.

  • The Bad:
  • The plot is totally ridicules and makes the worst Bond films look like Shakespeare. The script is full of really cheesy and stupid lines. The acting is hammy beyond belief. The destruction of Eiffel Tower is far to clichéd and made worse when put into context, have the film makers not seen Team America?

  • The verdict:
  • Not as bad as the trailer would have you believe but not great either. I would wait for it to come on TV rather than spending your hard earned on it! Look out for a sequel, as Jim points out there are three hundred million reasons to make one!

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Class of……

When Jennifer’s Body came out there where a lot of comments kicking around suggesting Megan Fox is too old to play a high school student. With this in mind I thought I would have a look at a few high school movies to see how old the actors playing kids really were. All the characters are assumed to be around 17 or 18 and the actors ages are approximate based on when the film was shot.

Jennifer’s Body

  • JeniferMegan Fox (23)
  • NeedyAmanda Seyfried (24)
  • ChipJohnny Simmons (23)


  • Danny ZukoJohn Travolta (24)
  • Sandy OlssonOlivia Newton-John (30)
  • Betty RizzoStockard Channing (34)
  • KenickieJeff Conaway (28)

Dazed and Confused

  • Randall ‘Pink’ FloydJason London (21)
  • Ron SlaterRory Cochrane (21)
  • Jodie KramerMichelle Burke (23)
  • Mike NewhouseAdam Goldberg (23)
  • Tony OlsonAnthony Rapp (22)
  • Kevin PickfordShawn Andrews (22)
  • Simone KerrJoey Lauren Adams (25)
  • Darla MarksParker Possey (25)

The Craft

  • Sarah BaileyRobin Tunney (24)
  • Nancy DownsFiruruza Balk (22)
  • BonnieNeve Campbell (23)
  • RochelleRachel True (30)
  • Chris HookerSkeet Ulrich (26)

Rebel Without a Cause

  • Jim StarkJames Dean (25)
  • Judy Natalie Wood (17)
  • John “Plato” CrawfordSal Mineo (16)
  • Buzz GundersonCorey Allen (21)
  • GoonDennis Hopper (19)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

  • Ferris BuellerMatthew Broderick (24)
  • Cameron FryeAlan Ruck (30)
  • Sloane PetersonMia Sara (19)
  • Jeanie BuellerJennifer Grey (26)

We have a clear winner, at 34 years old Stockard Channing playing Betty Rizzo in grease was nearly old enough to player her characters mother!

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