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The 100 Club

At the start of the year I began keeping a note of all the new films I saw at the cinema. Initially it was just to see how much value for money I was getting out of my “Unlimited” card, out of idle curiosity. An average of £1.75 per film if anyone is interested, not bad considering my local cinema normally charges £6. When I started blogging it got me  thinking and I decided instead of the top ten movies of the year list, I will rank all the new films I have seen in 2009.

So how many films is that? Well so far I have seen 83 new films at the cinema. I will add to that the 10 new films I have seen on DVD that didn’t make it to my local cinema so that gives me a month to see 7 films to make it 100 for the year.  How likely is that? With four films I want to see opening on Friday, in a word, VERY!  The films are:

  • The Descent: Part 2. I know it will be terrible but I loved the first film, I can’t resist seeing what its like.
  • Cracks: Interested in seeing how Jordan (daughter of Ridley) Scott will do on her feature directing début. As well as a rare chance to see Eva Green who doesn’t make many films.
  • Me And Orson Welles: A Richard Linklater film is always worth seeing.
  • The Box: It’s had hugely varied reviews but I am willing to give Richard (Donnie Darko) Kelly another chance.


 Look out somewhere around New Year to see if I reach the 100!


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It’s the 1st of December, that cam mean only one thing, its time for the movie of the month for November. I have seen eight new movies this month six very different nominations, two that didn’t make the grade and a winner that may surprise some readers.

 Other films seen this month that didn’t make the shortlist.

Movie of the Month is:


This may be a surprise to some readers.  Don’t believe the negatives reviews, it is  the second best comedy horror of the year and a really enjoyable film.

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