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Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli

Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Broccoli

It appears from an article in Variety that James Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara (daughter of Cubby) Broccoli (in conjunction with Sony Pictures Entertainment) have purchased the rights Mark Burnell’s upcoming novel Remote Control.  If correct this would be only the second non James Bond film made by Eon; the other being the Bob Hope comedy Call Me Bwana made in 1963 between the first two Bond Movies.  All I know of the as yet unpublished novel is what it says in the Variety article. “[The] thriller centres on a former war correspondent, now British corporate intelligence analyst, who gets caught up in a conspiracy by Western corporations to destabilize the Chinese economy.”

Mark Burnell

Mark Burnell

This isn’t the first time Mark Burnell’s work has been adapted for film, unfortunately the first effort has not seen the light of day as of yet.  As I mentioned in a blog back in April Mark Burnell was hired in 2005 to write a screenplay based on his 1999 novel The Rhythm Section.  This is a great shame as The Rhythm Section and its three sequels about female assassin Stephanie Patrick could make a good film series.  I’m not sure if their appeal would be helped or hindered by the success of the Bourne films and the rebooted Bond series. 

Whatever happens I am looking forward to Burnell’s first novel in over four years and would like to one day see his work on the silver screen. 


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