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Shiner Beer

Shiner is a beer brewed by Spoetzels breweries in Shiner Texas.  Celebrating their centenary this year Spoetzels are one of only five Texas breweries to survive Prohibition. 
Shiner Bock at Chata Ortega's

A bottle of Shiner Bock at its spiritual home Chata Ortega's

 So why am I going on about a beer many readers have never heard of?  The simple answer is whilst most American movies seem to feature Budweiser or Miller one film walks a different path.  Set in Texas in 1971 Fandango (1985) heavily features Shiner Bock.  Having never heard of the beer at the time, (me living in England and the beer only being sold in Texas that’s not exactly surprising) whilst watching the film I often wondered if it actually existed or if it was made up for the film.  Then the internet was invented and I looked it up.  Since then the company has been bought out and they have expanded production and distribution with the beer available in 41 states*.

Shiner Fandango 1shiner fandango 3

 Then two years ago I spotted Shiner Bock in Death Proof, it featured  in the Austin, Texas bar scenes.  You can also see it in Tin Cup, Slacker and The Hangover.  Anyone who likes beer and gets the chance I suggest you try it, it is a good beer and a million times better than the tasteless gas over substance beers (mentioning no names) that feature in most movies. 

 Death Proof


*In my time in America I only found it in Texas. 


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