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Gotham City

I posted a blog in September about the next Batman movie. Someone calling himself Mike posted a comment suggesting Black Mask as a possible main villain for the movie. Having read very little batman I knew nothing about Black Mask so decided to look him up. This is a brief overview of how Black Mask came to be. Taken from various sources I hope it is correct:

batman the dark knightBlack Mask

Born Roman Sionis to one of Gotham City’s wealthy families. Roman’s parents moved in the same circles as Thomas and Martha Wayne. Privately they admitted to their son that they did not like the Waynes but continued to associate with them forcing Roman to be friends with their son Bruce. Roman disliked his parents who he saw as hypocrites, they were also self-absorbed and had little time for him. As he got older his dislike grew to hate and resentment until he burned down the family’s mansion, killing them following their disapproval of his girlfriend.

Getting away with the crime, Roman inherited the family fortune and business but had little business acumen. Eventually the business was taken over by Bruce Wayne who employs his own Board of Directors to run it. Roman creates the alter ego Black Mask and begins a life of crime soon discovering he is better at crime than business. He recruits a mask wearing gang and calls them the False Face Society. It isn’t long before he seeks revenge against his childhood “friend” for taking over his business. He begins by kidnapping Wayne Enterprises employees. As Batman investigates he soon discovers that Black mask is in fact Roman Sionis.

catwomanharley quinn

This on its own could be the outline for a film. I also like the idea of an sub plot featuring plot a serial killer (there a few of those in the Batman back catalogue to choose from) that the police can’t catch forcing them to ask Batman for help. The film needs a few female characters so I would suggest Romans girlfriend Circe. It is also the perfect opportunity to introduce Catwoman. There are various versions of her origin. The one that would fit the current films is a wealthy socialite by day and cat bugler by night. This gives the chance for interaction between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne before they meet as Catwoman and Batman.  This doesn’t leave much space for Harley Quinn, who there is a groundswell of support for.  An idea that could work is to introduce her as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the Arkham Asylum psychologist, before she becomes Harley Quinn leaving the possibility of a future appearance.

Vincent CasselMonica Bellucci

So casting.  Hopefully all the regulars who survived the first two films will return and be joined by:  Although five or ten years too old, I would like to see them played by actors of a similar age to Christian Bale the best suggestion I have heard for Black Mask/Roman Sionis and his girlfriend Circe are real life couple Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci.  For me Angelina Jolie is the clear favourite to play Catwoman/Selina Kyle.  The hardest to decide on is Harley Quinn/Dr. Harleen Quinzel, I would go for Brittany Murphy as she always has a certain look in her eye that makes her perfect for a slightly unhinged character.

Brittany Murphyangelina jolie catwoman

And finally why is the article called Gotham City?  Simply because that is my choice (if not my idea, I got it from the Photoshop fan posters) for the title of the next film.


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