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Los cronocrímenes (Timecrimes) is a Spanish thriller written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo who also appears in the film.


Whist sitting in the garden of his new house Hector (Karra Elejalde) catches a glimpse of a woman (Bárbara Goenaga) undressing in the woods. While his wife (Candela Fernández) goes shopping for groceries he decides to go and investigate. He finds the young woman naked and unconscious , while he cautiously approaches her he is attacked and stabbed in the arm with a pair of scissors by a strange man with his head and faced covered by a pink bandage. He runs to an abandoned house, this starts a series of events (or have they already started?). Each time he tries to fix things Hector seems to make things worse causing him to try again. Ultimately aside from the twists the plot is small and unmissed making the film is a simple exercise in the theory of time travel. Like Primer (2004) the simplicity of the plot is the beauty of it. The only flaw is the total stupidity of Hector the main character that keeps landing him in ridicules situations. And that ultimately is the flaw, without hectors inexplicable actions there would be no plot. Having said that the film is strangely compelling and has a satisfying conclusion.

And as is the way with so many European films the Hollywood remake is in production.


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