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Top 10: Young Actresses

A few weeks ago I started a list of the most promising young actors and actresses making films at the moment.  I didn’t finished as I was struggling to come up with ten suitable actors.  Caz from Lets Go to the Movies had a similar idea but the opposite problem.  She came up with more actors than actresses so decided to publish a list of Top 10: Young Actors.  In response I decided to drop my actors and go ahead with my top 10 young and promising actresses.  The only difference in our top tens (other than the sex) is that that I limited the age to 25 and Caz went up to 30.  I didn’t include Scarlett Johansson (24) or Keira Knightley (24) as they are both already very established stars.

Dakota Fanning (15): The transition from child star to adult actor is never an easy one but Dakota Fanning appears to be making it look very easy.  She hasn’t gone through any great transition, she is simply growing up on screen.  I fist saw her in Tony Scott’s remake of Man on Fire (2004), her film choices since then have been varied but her performances always good.  Now having landed a role in the Twilight Saga her fan base is sure to grow.

Dakota Fanning

Kristen Stewart (19): Adventurland is probably the most important film of Kristen Stewarts career.  Don’t worry that noise you hear isn’t a hurricane, it is just the collective sound of a sharp intake of breathe from all the “twihards” at my blasphemy.  The reason it is so important is not because of her movie stealing performance (although that helps) but simply because it proves she has a career beyond Bella Swan. Kristen Stewart

 Nikki Reed (21): Nikki Reed’s debut in Thirteen was probably slightly overshadowed by her co-star Evan Rachel Wood but the remarkable thing about the film is that at age 13 she actually co wrote the script along with director Catherine Hardwicke.  Since then she has made two more films with Hardwick; Lords of Dogtown and Twilight.  Her continued involvement in the saga isn’t going to do her any harm. Nikki Reed

Ellen Page (22): After several years of TV shows and movies in her native Canada Ellen Page exploded onto the scene in hard hitting Hard Candy in 2005 but it was the eponymous lead in Juno two years later that really made he a star.  She proved she really had made it with a guest appearance on The Simpsons.  Next up: Whip It directed by Drew Barrymore and Inception directed by Christopher Nolan.Ellen Page

Evan Rachel Wood (22): The first I time I saw Evan Rachel Wood was in Thirteen (2003) however the teenage actress had been working in the industry for nearly ten years at this time.  At the age of seven she had auditioned for the part of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire (Kirsten Dunst eventually got the part).  After several solid but not outstanding performances she played Mickey Rouke’s estranged daughter in The Wrestler and comfortably held her own in the presence of Rourke and Marisa Tomei. Evan Rachel Wood

Camilla Belle (22): At just 22 Camilla Belle has appeared in films as diverse as Ballad of Jack and Rose (with Daniel Day-Lewis) the hugely underrated The Chumscrubber, and the rubbish blockbuster 10,000 BC.  This all in the last four years add to this some pretty solid child performances including The Lost World: Jurassic Park.  She could turn out to be a great actress or a movies star!Camilla Belle

Olivia Thirlby (22): Best known as Juno’s best friend Olivia Thirlby has a secret weapon.  She is actually a classically trained Shakespearian actress.  The dark horse of the list, she is more likely to become a great actress than a big star. Olivia Thirlby

Kat Dennings (23): Making her debut at 13 in Sex and the City, Kat Dennings worked mainly in TV before picking up parts in Down in the Valley and The 40 Year Old Virgin but it was another four years before she made a real impression in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist along side Michael Cera where her trademark rebellious teen began to show signs of growing up.Kat Dennings

Megan Fox (23): The Transformers star hasn’t made many headlines for her acting ability but the fact of the matter is she makes headlines.  The upcoming Jennifer’s Body and Jonah Hex will be crucial to her ongoing success.  I have feeling that when she finds her perfect role she may surprise a lot of people and put in a great performance one day. Megan Fox

Amanda Seyfried (24): Fox’s co star in Jenifer’s body is a more accomplished actress but not as big a star.  She is probably now best know for Mamma Mia! But has previously impressed as one of the “plastics” in Mean girls and in the short lived TV show Veronica Mars.  I have heard great things about her performance in Jennifer’s Body.  She also stars in Atom Egoyan’s new film Chloe. A director always worth watching who has previously got fantastic performances from young actresses. Amanda Seyfried


Bonus picks.  You should know by now my top tens are never really top tens! Thinking inside the box (the TV!).

olivia wilde

Olivia Wilde (25): At 25 she is right on the age limit for eligibility in my list and is basically a TV star with significant parts in The O.C. The Black Donnellys and House.  Her biggest problem is breaking out of the box but with a part in Tron Legacy next year she may just do that.




Die wilde Karte.  Ein sehr vielversprechender deutscher Schauspielerin.

Jennifer Ulrich

Jenifer Ulrich (24): Looking outside of Hollywood the German actress Jenifer Ulrich stood out in last years The Wave (Die Welle).  Working mainly in TV she isn’t getting much recognition outside her native country but with a part in the Albert Schweitzer biography next year a few more people may sport her.

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