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If you have seen the James Bond films but not read the books they are based on you may not be aware of Ian Flemings last great Bond Storyline.

 The man with the golden gun

Towards the end of You Only Live Twice we see a more lethal Bond.  Whilst living in Japan he learns various new fighting skills as well as finding an inner calm through Yoga.  He is living in a fishing community with the beautiful Kissy Suzuki.  It is at this time he kills his nemesis Blofeld who was responsible for the death of Bonds wife Tracey.  On escaping Blofeld’s castle, Bond suffers a head injury and is left with amnesia.  He lives for a time in the fishing village with Kissy who keeps his identity from him.  Move on to The Man With the Golden Gun.  A year has passed and bond is still missing presumed dead until he retunes to London and attempts to kill M.  It transpires that trying to piece together his past Bond ended up in the Soviet Union where he was brainwashed and “programmed” to kill M.  Obviously both these novels have been made into films but without the brainwashing/assignation storylines.  The question is would the producers dare to do it and would the audience accept it?

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