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The French Scarface?


Based on the life of Jacques Mesrine, Mesrine: Killer Instinct has been accused celebrating, glorying and glamorizing his life of crime. He robbed banks, killed people (best guess 39) and escaped from prison (more than once). Putting all that aside this is a really good film. Vincent Cassel is brilliant in the lead role, at times he even makes the character sympathetic and likable. Directed by Jean-Fancois Richet best known for the 2005 remake of Assault on Precinct 13 the film has a real epic feel to it that reminiscent of some of the best Hollywood crime/gangster films. Concentrating on the main character the film is more Scarface than the Godfather. The supporting cast also does a great job: Gerard Depardieu as the local crime boss and Elena Anaya as Mesrine’s wife but the real star turn comes from the brilliant Cecile De France (best known for Switchblade Romance) as Mesrine’s lover/soul mate/accomplice. The only real criticism is the film is a little rushed, cutting scenes short and jumping forward works well as a devise to help cover eleven years in just under two hours but it is done a few to many times and leaves you wanting more. This is a tiny problem in a really engrossing film especially considering the best thing about it, there is still more to come. In the style of Kill Bill and Che this film is too big for one film, part two Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 is released on august 28 (selected UK cinemas).

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