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In only its second month my film of the month award has hit an obstacle.  A month with a lack of new releases (that are of interest to me) therefore we have a reduced nominee list this month; they are:

Antichrist: For being the most controversial film of the year.

Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg antichrist






Public Enemies: Great story, great acting , great direction. It has its problems but is still a great film.

Johnny Depp







The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers Not eligible as a re-release, honourable mention only. It would have won if eligible!





Three films that I will probably see: Moon, Coco Before and Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 all open today, the last day of the month, as I wont get to see them this month I will include them next month if good enough.  You many be wondering why I have seen so few films this month.  As I mentioned before I am not interested in seeing: Bruno, Harry Potter, The Proposal or Year One!

The Movie of the Month is:


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