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The Blues BrothersAfter a false start last week when the cinema posted an incorrect date I went to see The Blues Brothers last night. One of my favourite films from when I was a kid I finally got to see it at the cinema thanks to s new season of classic films to get a new release. Next up: Scarface on 25th August if they get the date right this time.

It was great to finally see the film on the big screen. The digital image had been cleaned up and was brighter and clearer than I have ever seen it. The sound was clean and crisp and had me tapping my feet whenever a song started. It was the original theatrical cut not the 25th anniversary versions with extra scenes.

So if you get the chance go and see this modern classic where it belongs on the big screen. You will be quoting it for the rest of the week. “We’re on a mission from God!”


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