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Thank You Film 4

I missed the Escapist on its minuscule release at the cinema last year. It has been on my rental list for months but has never been sent. I finally got to see it on Film 4.

Serving a life sentence Frank Perry (Brian Cox) develops a plan to escape from prison to see his seriously ill (following drug addiction) and estranged daughter. He gathers together an unlikely group of fellow cons who all have individual skills or knowledge help the escape. The film employs a good use of “time-slip” showing the escape and the planning simultaneously. Set entirely in prison and the labyrinth of rivers sewers and tube lines under London. This all makes for a claustrophobic setting. The film also boasts a supporting cast including Damian Lewis and Joseph Fiennes. A gritty but rewarding film.

Things went downhill from there. The next film on was Taxi staring Queen Latifah.  The film is just complete rubbish and has nothing good to recommend it. Even Gisele Bundchen’s suggestive frisking Jennifer Esposito falls flat. It could have been funny or sexy, they tried to make it both and succeeded in making it neither.

I have avoided it for nearly five years, why did I bother watching it today? Anyone who hasn’t seen it but is tempted to do so watch the French original instead.  It is approximately ten billion times better! And look out for a pre Oscar winning Marion Cotillard playing Daniel’s girlfriend Lilly.


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