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At Last!

Last week I made a plea for my local cinema to put something on for me to see as I hadn’t been since seeing Public Enemies two weeks ago.  Although Harry Potter is still going strong in three screens and Bruno in another two there are a couple of films opening this week one of them looks interesting.


Directed by Lars von Trier (often controversial but always interesting) and staring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg Antichrist has been described as “the most controversial film at the 2009 Cannes Festival”.  It is Empire magazines film of the week and has a solid four star rating but with the caveat “You may never forgive us for recommending it”.  The BBFC have passed the film uncut but have given it an 18 certificate but does say some scenes will be “shocking and offensive to some viewers”.  As I am not easily shocked or offended I will probably be seeing it at the weekend.


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Must see is a overused expression when describing movies but in some cases it is true. One such example is Billy Wilders classic Some Like it Hot. It is easy to say why a film is good but impossible to say why it is brilliant as brilliance is totally inexplicable and all the better for it.

Marilyn Monroe

For those who don’t know what it is about (shame on you) I will provide a brief synopsis. Set in the late 1920’s Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) are out of work musicians following a police raid on a funeral parlour/speakeasy where they play in a band. After loosing their coats on a dog race they borrow a car from a friend but when they go to collect it from a Chicago garage unwittingly find themselves witnesses to the St Valentines day massacre. Running for their lives they end up on a train to Florida with an all female band. (badly) disguised as women they fit into the band with the help of Sugar (Marilyn Monroe in her best ever role). Things get complicated when Joe impersonating Shell oil hair and millionaire ‘Junior’ becomes romantically involved with Sugar whilst Jerry is pursued by a real millionaire Osgood (Joe E Brown). Things get even more complicated when a convention for the “friends of I-talian opera” comes to town including their former boss (and the perpetrator of the massacre) Spats Colombo (George Raft).

some like it hot

If it isn’t the best comedy ever I would like to see a better one. One of the things that stands out is the perfect characterisation. The gangsters are like gangsters in a gangster film (with a comic twist playing on stereotypes). Tony Curtis and particularly Jack Lemmon are pure comedy with perfect timing and Marilyn Monroe is a perfect caricature of herself. She looks hotter and more beautiful than ever and is dizzy beyond belief but totally adorable. The script and direction are pure perfection allowing absolutely no room for error. It truly is a film that could not be improved upon. The photography in comedy films is often forgotten but in this it is again perfect blending styles seen in film noir and melodrama making the film totally believable. It is easy to forget it was made in 1959 and not in the late 20’s when it is set.

If you have already seen this film go see it again to remind yourself how good it is. If you haven’t go and buy the DVD and once you have fallen in love with this masterpiece lend it to everyone you know who hasn’t seen it. If you don’t like it don’t worry not everyone can have good taste!

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