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I recently came across this article about the sequel to Donnie Darko, I had have also commented on the same thing here. I haven’t seen it yet but I have just seen Lost Boys: The Tribe, the sequel to the classic 80’s teen/comedy/horror.

Warning this review contains plot spoilers, but lets be honest you probably won’t see the film.

Lost Boys: The Tribe starts with a group of surfers jumping a fence to get onto a private beach and surf the break beyond. They are confronted by a vampire. At this point my first reaction was it would be so much cooler if the surfers were the vampires. Then we discover they are also vampires, good start. We then get a group of establishing shots of the town during day reminiscent of the first film, they even contain a few decent surf shots. The film is full of references to the original film (look out for the saxophone player). The brother and sister coming to town and immediately getting involved with the “tribe” of vampires is far less contrived than you would expect. So all in all it is a good film? No its rubbish.

lost boys the tribe

Although there isn’t a great deal wrong with the film there is very little that is good about it and the there is nothing outstanding or original. It also suffers from two of my pet hates. First, the vampires are very different in their look, abilities and the way they act to those in the original film. Secondly in the true tradition Autumn Resser at the age of 28 plays a 17 year old, older than Tad Hilgenbrinck who plays Chis her supposedly older brother. I can see beyond all of this but not the biggest problem, it just lacks the comedy of the original film.

The one good thing is an alternative ending on the DVD special features. Sam (Corey Haim) makes a cameo appearance in this scene that didn’t make it to the final cut that is far better than his cameo in the actual film. This is supposed to be an ending but would have made a better start to the film. Here is is so you don’t have to buy/rent the film and sit through an hour and a half of crap.

In conclusion if you like the look of this film don’t do it, watch the 1987 original instead.


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I normally see two films a week at the cinema, Sunday afternoon and one night in the week.  However it has been over a week since I have been and having seen next weeks listing it is going to be another week before I go again.  My local multiplex has 12 screens and is showing: 

  • Harry Potter (Not interested)
  • Bruno (Not interested)
  • Ice Age 3 (Not interested)
  • Transformers (Seen)
  • Public Enemies (Seen)
  • The Hangover (Seen)
  • My Sisters Keeper (Not interested)
  • Year One (Not interested)
  • Night At the Museum 2 (Not interested)
  • Kambakkht Ishq (Not interested)

With Harry Potter in three or four screens depending on day and Bruno and Ice Age 3 taking another two each there is little room for other films.  For example sunshine cleaning only lasted a week and I missed it. 

Please something good open soon!

I do have the new digital print (I think that may be an oxymoron but you get my meaning) of The Blues Brothers to look forward to next Thursday.

Blues Brothers

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