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I recently saw The Brøken on DVD, before the film there was a trailer for director Sean Ellis’ previous film Cashback (2006).  Another excellent film that I had not previously seen.

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 The film is based on the directors own 18 minute Oscar nominated short film of the same name.  What makes this really interesting is that rather than starting again he incorporated the original film into the feature.  The scenes that where shot two years apart fit seamlessly together although there are plot threads that could be further explored.   What was achieved is all the more impressive when you learn that the extended script was written in just seven days and the extra footage shot in just 25 days. 

The plot centres around art student Ben (Sean Biggerstaff) who is suffering from insomnia following his break-up with Suzy (Michelle Ryan).  He decides to make use of his extra free time by taking a nightshift at the local Sainsbury’s.  Here he meats a strange array of characters most notably checkout girl Sharon (Emilia-daughter of Edward-Fox). 

A lot of the film is about time whether it be Ben and his co works trying to kill time during the monotony of their shift or the neat trick Ben is able to perform.  It is therefore fitting that the use of time is excellent in the film that is beautifully paced with the aid of a voiceover from Ben and uses tricks like show motion to great effect. cashback poster

Given elements to the plot the film could have turned into a sinister thriller or a bawdy teen comedy, instead it is more an intimate drama with elements of romance and comedy.  It is very rarely that you can describe a film as been nice without being cheesy but I can honestly say that about this film. 

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