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It has been reported that a fight has broken out in the fairytale world of Hollywoodland. It is believed to have started when Kate Beckinsale accused Sienna Miller of breaking into her dressing room and stealing her favourite leather & PVC number (see exhibit’s A & B below).

Exhibit A
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit B











Ms Millers defence was that her outfit was completely original and pointed out many differences and is believed to have also said “and my guns are bigger than yours!”. Both actresses withdrew and went to the bathroom and looked into the nearest toilet to see where Sienna’s career was going after viewing the following trailer:


This could possibly be the worst movie ever made. But one piece of good news for the production after his success at playing the previous worst director in the history of movies Edward D. Wood Jr. Johnny Depp has expressed an interest in making a film about the life and works of Stephen Sommers. Sienna Miller is hoping to play herself but she needs to go through a screen test to see if her acting ability is up to it.

Small print: This is all a work of satirical fiction (except the bit about GI Joe looking like it will be the worst film ever made) so please don’t sue me!

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