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I have never been sure about Jim Carrey, I am not a fan of his face contortions and outright comedies but did enjoy The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I had however never seen The Majestic, until recently.

Jim CarreySet in 1951 and directed by Frank Darabont it is the story of Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) a Hollywood screenwriter who is threatened with being blacklisted in the communist “witchunts”.  Following an accident he finds himself in a small town having lost his memory.  He is mistaken for Luke Trimble, a young man from the town believed killed in the war.  Together with Luke’s farther Harry (Martin Landau) Peter sets about restoring the town’s movie theatre The Majestic.  During this time he also resumes/begins a relationship Luke’s childhood sweetheart Adele (Laurie Holden) who makes a great entrance looking like a young Lauren Bacall. 

The MajesticThe film is shot very much like a film of the era that it is set in giving a really authentic feel.   Although most of the film is a light romantic drama with a few comic scenes it also has a strong defining messages.  It has often been suggested that it was the director’s intention to make a film in the style of Frank Capra, to some degree I think he has succeeded, by placing a serious message in a light film.  It conveys the same message as films like Guilty by Suspicion and Good Night, and Good Luck but handles them in a much lighter way.  Away from the main theme of the film it also has a real love for cinema coupled with contempt for Hollywood.   

Look out for a cameo from Bruce Campbell in the film within the film “Sand Pirates of the Desert”


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