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Mr DresdonEmilio EstevezAny regular cinema goer (in the UK)  will be familiar with the Orange adds that come between the trailers and the film.  The better ones are very funny the first time you see them but get annoying very quickly.  You can always spot people who don’t go very often when they laugh at them.  For anyone from other countries (or who don’t go to the cinema) the adverts are based around The Orange Film Board a fiction company funded by the orange mobile phone network.  Each advert consists of a celebrity usually an actor pitching a film idea to the board lead my Mr Dresden (Brennan Brown) who then proceed to ruin the idea by thinking up ways of turning the film into giant mobile phone commercial.  Over time the adverts have evolved and they include on location settings while a film is in production.  Or the latest featuring Emilio Estevez  “Saving Private Ryan’s Number”:


At the end of the advert when asked about the historical accuracy of the film Mr Dresden explains that they just want to “Blow stuff up and sell some phones” this got me thinking is it any different to any summer blockbuster that is filled with product placements and has to have bigger and louder explosions than the last years blockbusters.

Take the big films from the summer so far:

  • Transformers looks like a giant General Motors Advert
  • Budweiser is just about the only beer drunk in films as proved by Star Trek and Wolverine.
  • Apple and Dell are the only computers in the world: Night at the Museum (plus nine other films) Fast & Furious (plus five others) respectively.


repo man

Bigger and supposedly better explosions and product placements aplenty.  If you are getting a bit jaded by all this take a look at Alex Cox’s 1984 classic Repo Man (also staring Emilio Estevez ) for a great parody of product placement in films. 


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Avengers Assemble

Most Marvel Comics take place in what has become known as the Marvel Universe.  It is basically like the world as we know it with the addition of these unusual characters.  The Marvel based films seem to be in a slightly different world with no crossover between films, for example the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man have not appeared together in the recent films .  However recently things have changed.  Iron Man introduced S.H.I.E.L.D. to the Marvel film universe.  Then after the credits of the film we had a cameo by by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury who tells Stark (AKA Iron Man) that he is not “the only superhero in the world” and tells him he wants to discuss the “Avenger Initiative”.  Stark makes a similar appearance in The Incredible Hulk when he visits Thunderbolt Ross.  This is all leading up to an avengers Movie, possibly in 2012.

captain americaThe incredible HulkSpeculating on a future film three years before it comes out isn’t my normal thing but this one looks interesting to me as they are doing it the opposite way around.  X-Men had three films before splintering off to make Origins: Wolverine and the announced Deadpool (a spin-off from a spin-off, very comic book!) and the suggested Magneto origins film.  Members of the Avengers appear to be making solo appearances first before joining up.  We have already had Iron Man and there is a sequel on the way next year followed by The First Avenger: Captain America and Thor, both in 2011.  These are all possible members along with the Hulk who has made two film appearances to date.

The original members of The Avengers were:

  • Ant-Man
  • Wasp
  • Thor
  • Iron Man
  • The Hulk
  • Captain America joined in issue #4
(I have never read any Avengers so have little knowledge of them.  This list is from Wikipedia blame them if it is wrong!)

thoriron manMy research also told me that the underlying theme of the Avengers is that the characters unite to fight super-villains that they would not be able to defeat on their own.  This suggests a possibility of a large scale enemy of even multiple enemies.  The group also has a constantly changing line-up.  This could work well for follow-up films replacing less popular characters when needed.  Members of the Avengers in comic books who have already appeared in a Marvel Studios film are:

  • Iron Man (Irion Man and Iron Man 2 is on its way)
  • The Hulk (The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk)
  • Beast. (X-Men The last stand and briefly in X2)
  • The Fantastic Four (Fantastic 4 and its sequel)
  • Spider-Man (Three movies and a fourth on the way)
  • Sandman (Spiderman 3)
  • Wolverine (three X-Men Movies and his own origins film.

By the time the film comes out we will have also had movies about:

  • Thor
  • Captain America

Black Widowthe scarlet witchThe list so far has a very male slant to it (only Wasp of the original members is a woman).  A quick look on the internet give numerous suggestions for possible female Avengers. The favourites are Scarlet Witch (mentioned a few times she also has X-Men crossover potential), Black Widow and Tigra.


There is no sign of a director as yet but IMDB has Zak Penn listed to provide the screenplay.  His previous writing credits are a mixed bag but with plenty of Marvel adaptations including:

  • The Incredible Hulk (not bad)
  • X-Men The Last Stand (not good)
  • Fantastic Four (oh!)
  • Electra (Shall we give up now?)
  • X-Men 2 (Better) 

Thunderbolt Rossnick furyCasting at the moment is little more than rumours  but IMDB does have Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man and Don Cheadle who is taking over from Terrence Howard as Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes AKA War Machine in the next Iron Man film.  It makes sense that they will use the same cast as in other films so: Chris Hemsworth who is due to play Thor.  Samuel L. Jackson who we have already seen (briefly) as Nick Fury and William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross.  Edward Norton could return as Bruce Banner/The Hulk but his current storyline possibly doesn’t work as a member of a team.  The Hulk has been a sympathetic character in the first two films; A story where he loses control and becomes a villain that the Avengers have to bring down could be interesting? This could thenleave an opening for him to be a member in a following film.  This would also pave the way for Tim Blake Nelson to return as Samuel Sterns AKA the Leader as a second villain. 

This is all academic as if the films that go before it fail to make money this film will never see the light of day. But lets be honest with the first three Spider-Man movies grossing around $2.5billion Marvel know how to make money out of their films.  The Avengers (whoever they may be) will be assembling in about three years time.


It has just come to my attention (although common knowledge to others for months) that Scarlett Johansson is to play Black Widow in Iron Man 2 due out next year.  This looks like another possible future Avenger.

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow

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This article started of as being about the future of Marvel based films but I ended up writing half of it about the latest film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  So I have saved what I had written on the future for a different article and completed this one about Wolverine.  A film a I really wanted to like more than I actually did!

wolverineThe best thing about the film is the character and the casting of the leading role. Wolverine has always been a fans favourite and right from the start of the original X-Men movie he has been the star getting good screen time and all the best lines. Hugh Jackman has really made the character his own to such an extent that it is difficult imagining anyone else playing the part. In this film he has a harder job having to carry the whole film himself, something I think he struggles with at times. I put this down to weaknesses in the script rather than any fault of Jackman.

victor creedThe big problem with the film is the limitations placed upon it by the fact it is a prequel. Anyone who has seen the first three films will know that Wolverine, Sabretooth and William Stryker all appear and therefore must survive this film. We know that Wolverine loses his memory some time before the start of the first X-Men movie. All this makes what happens to them somewhat superficial. A build up to wolverines memory loss would make a somewhat disappointing film. Fortunately it does offer more than that. At 107 minutes the film is relatively short and doesn’t keep the viewer waiting before jumping into the action. The action however is unfortunately a little let down by Wolverine’s inability to get hurt. Yes we all know about his healing factor but its seems more effective than ever making him virtually indestructible. If he is never in danger the audience struggles to emphasise with him.  

In the other X-Men films he is surrounded by people who are either more powerful than him or are able to do him harm.  Professor X, Magneto, Jean Grey even Rogue. 

gambitThe film starts in the 1840’s and is followed by the opening credit scene that I have conflicting opinions of. It covers around 100 years worth of wars that Wolverine fought in alongside his half brother Victor Creed (aka Sabretooth although he is never called that in this film). The reason I say I am conflicted about it is that it is a great scene (not as good as the opening to Watchmen) but it also skips over a huge amount of history that could have lent it self to some great scenes: for example Wolverine killing Nazi’s in WWII “Inglourious (Mutant) Basterds” anyone? This is followed by Wolverine’s time with Team X, this is a really week part of the film. Wolverine doesn’t seem to do much within the team and is overshadowed by Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool but again like with Sabretooth the Deadpool name is not used). Reynolds is charismatic and wisecracking, in fact everything we expect from Wolverine. It is no surprise that it looks like he is now going to get his own film. Partly due to time constraints of other films Reynolds has a relatively small part as do all the other characters in the film. The only one who is given a role of substance is Live Schriber who replaces Tyler Mane as Creed/Sabretooth. He excels as the wonderfully unstable sibling and easily overcomes the fact he doesn’t have the same physical presence as the giant Mane, he also gained 35lbs to help look the part, it helps. Remy wade wilsonLeBeau/Gambit makes his movie debut portrayed by Taylor Kitsch. This is a big moment for a lot of fans of the comic books but he really doesn’t work for me. He doesn’t do anything particularly wrong but I just don’t see him as Gambit. A future film set in the present day will require an older actor, I suggest they make the film pretty soon with Josh Holloway (Sawyer form Lost) before he gets too old.

silverfoxSo after his time with Team X Logan is next seen back home in Canada at one with nature and in love with Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins). This is all to brief and ill thought out. It would have made a good starting point for the film with the past events shown in flashback. That way the earlier scenes would not feel as rushed. It would also give an opportunity for the audience to build a more empathy with Silverfox as we see her relationship develop with Logan, this would help in the later scenes of the film. But this sums up another problem, the film is so episodic that Wolverine and Creed are the only characters who develop a relationship of any emma frostdepth. Incidentally another interesting character introduction is Emma Frost aka The White Queen (Tahyna Tozzi) in this case she is depicted as the sister of Kayla Silverfox. A fans favourite she is a character of huge potential that with the right actress playing her could command her own film, David O. Russell has already been linked with a possible film.

x men originsA film of this type will live or die on the merits of the action scenes and the special effects. On the whole they are quite good. The fighting scenes are particularly good but as mentioned before a little hollow with the knowledge that the main protagonists are in no danger. Some of the special effects are a little shaky considering the large budget ($150million), these include a younger Charles Xavier played by a (uncredited) de-aged Patrick Steward. The final battle is a mixed bag of good and bad but the setting at Three Mile Island is a clever move, not only does it link the film to the real world by offering a fictionalised account of a real historical event but it also dates the scene to 1979 when the accident happened. This tells us that Wolverine has approximately 21 years to kill in the inevitable sequel before his first encounter with the X-Men. The post credit sequence suggests that this will take place in Japan. Now all the origins are dealt with we can move on and have some fun as Wolverine develops into that character from the start of X-Men.

In short the film isn’t a disaster but does fail to live up to its potential but it is better than the dire The Last Stand. So where do they go from here? Marvel Studios has several films slated for production over the next few years. The ones that fall within the X universe are include a Magneto Origins film, the aforementioned Deadpool movie and X-Men: First Class. This film will potentially feature a younger cast taking on the key roles of the characters seen in the original X-Men movie. Rumours have suggested a return by director Bryan Singer. This would be most welcome and could put the franchise back on track.

Ultimately I think this film has been a stopgap to keep the money rolling in and the brand in the public eye before the next big project comes along.  I will be taking more about that in the next few weeks.

Additional paragraph for revised article: I was just responding to a comment on another article when it suddenly occurred to me what was missing from Wolverine.  Whilst watching the film I could see that it lacked a certain substance but I had never considered what it was.  The simple answer is that it lacks a subtext that gives the film a meaning and a grounding.  The X-Men films (even the rubbish third one) have strong themes of alienation and discrimination, themes that are timeless and universal.  A lot of these are expressed openly by the films patriarchs Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and particularly Magneto (Ian Mckellen) who we learn was a child during the Holocaust.  You also have characters like Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison) who practise what could be described as a form of Neo-McCarthyism.   Without this Wolverine was just like any other action film.

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The Dark Knight ReturnsThere is a line in The Dark Knight something like: “You Either Die A Hero, Or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain”.  This is true of movie franchises, if they go on too long they tend to run out of steam and alienate the audiences, Batman and Robin is a perfect example of this.  For that reason I think Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale should make one last Batman film then bow out on a high.  If that where to happen what would be the next interpretation of Batman?

During research for an article about Clint Eastwood (and his retirement from acting) I came across a few references suggesting that he came close to appearing in Batman twice. First in the camp TV series of the 60’s as Harvey Dent; fortunately the program was cancelled just in time. The second time could have been more interesting, he was suggested to play the now aging Batman in a film inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. The idea was scrapped when Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins went into production.  Obviously Eastwood is now too old and potentially retired from acting so who else could play the part?  I liked the idea of self confessed Batman fan David Carradine who sadly died last week so he is out of the equation as well but I did have an idea:

pfeifer and KeatonIt has now been 20 years since Tim Burtons Batman and Michael Keaton at 57 is about the right age.  Michelle Pfeiffer is also about the right age to reprise her role as Selina Kyle (no longer Catwomen).  The rest of the cast is probably too old.  Who would direct?  Tim Burton is the obvious choice, I would also suggest to give it a suitably dark tone David Fincher or Jean-Pierre Jeunet.  Realistically if a film like this were to be made it would probably be another ten years away changing the potential casting, even so it looks like great material for a new Batman when the current incarnation ends.  I just hope Christopher Nolan doesn’t  use the title for his as yet untitled next Batman Movie. 

Batman And SupermanFor those who don’t know the story a brief outline is: An aging Bruce Wayne has hung up his cape and retired from being Batman following the death of Robin.  Ten years later and Gotham is overrun with crime, the streets are run by a violent gang calling themselves The Mutants.  Wayne now in his fifties decides to return to crime fighting as Batman and is helped by a third incarnation of Robin, this time a young Girl.  Whilst all this is going on Harvey Dent has become Two-Face again. The Joker returns after being in a coma for ten years and Commissioner Gordon Retires.  Gordon’s successor Ellen Yindel is a fierce critic of Batman and issues a warrant for his arrest.  Along the way Batman has showdowns with the leader of The Mutants as well as Two Face and The Joker before the surprising climax.  Despite the fact that Gotham is benefiting from Batman’s presence and is experiencing less crime than other big cities the president sends Superman to deal with Batman.

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Britt EklandIt has long been suggested that being a bond girl can end your mpvie career. Certainly picking out a lot of the older films a Bond film seems to be the highlight of many actresses careers. Even established stars aren’t immune Britt Ekland’s best films all seem to be pre Bond. So I thought I would see how some of the stars of more recent films have survived the curse of Bond.

Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco: The Polish actress had appeared in a couple of Scandinavian films and TV series but nothing notable. After taking on the role of Natalya, the main Bond girl in the franchise re-launch Goldeneye she disappeared for nearly five years before appearing in a Polish film. Her other work to date consists of the rubbish Vertical Limit, The enjoyable but flawed dragon movie Reign of Fire and Exorcist: The Beginning that I haven’t seen. She has also made a few films I have never heard of.  Curse? Looks like its true!

Femke JanssenMeanwhile Bond girl number two from Goldeneye Femke Janssen who stole the show with her over the top portrait of Xenia Onatopp has carved out a good career. Prior to Bond the only film she had made that I have seen was Lord of Illusions that came out around the same time as Goldeneye. Since then she has been in numerous films including: The Gingerbread Man, Deep Rising, The Faculty, Love & Sex, Made, I Spy, Taken and her most famous role Jean Grey/Phoenix in the three X-Men movies.  Curse? This evens things up there is no curse!

Michelle YeohMichelle Yeoh was one of the biggest stars in Asia and well known in the west when she took on the role of Chinese agent Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies. Since then she has gone on to make many successful films including the huge Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon.  Curse? What curse?


Denise RichardsDenise Richards has never been A list but she was doing okay. She is probably best known for her role alongside Neve Cambell (what’s happened to her?) in Wild things, Starship Troopers was also a successful big budget film. Then came he role as Dr Christmas Jones in The World is Sophie Marceaunot Enough. Since then she has made over 20 films, the only one I have seen is Edmond a film in which she had a tiny part.  Curse? Maybe there is something to this curse!

 But hang on a minute, that film also stared Sophie Marceau. Although she still makes most of her films in her native France she is still a big star, I don’t think Bond has affected her either way.  Curse? I told you there was no curse!

Halle BerryHalle Berry was a huge star and an Oscar winner before playing Jinx in the terrible Die Another Day so no curse was going to ruin her career. She has made a few questionable films such as Catwoman.  Curse? If your career can survive rubbish like Catwoman a curse won’t hurt you!


Eva GreenThis brings us to the latest incarnation of Bond following another re-boot (thats what they seem to call them now!) of the franchise. Never before filmed as an official bond film Eva Green got the dream job as original Bond Girl Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. At this time she had only made three other films but her debut was in Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers. Her third film was Ridley Scott’s all star Kingdom of Heaven so we are not talking about the discovery of an unknown here! She was excellent in Casino Royale and followed it up with a safe option The Golden Compass, as it turned out The Golden Compass was complete rubbish and didn‘t do that well. Her next film, Franklin failed to make an impact. Although it had a UK theatrical release it was in a very limited number of screens so we will have to see how it does when released in the USA before passing judgment. It is also probably too early to cast a judgment on Eva Greens prospects but I think she will be okay.  Curse? No I don’t think so!

Olga KurylenkoGemma ArtertonIts probably too soon to look at the stars of Quantum of solace. I haven’t made my mind up about Gemma Arterton yet. She is certainly attractive enough to be a star but I haven’t seen a star performance from her. The make or break film  of her career could be Prince of Persia and not Bond. Olga Kurylenko was good in Quantum of Solace but looking at some of her other films she doesn’t choose her films well (Hitman & Max Payne) and could suffer for that reason. This actually sums up the Curse of the Bond Girl, many actresses who have suffered it would never have been big stars had they not been in a bond film therefore their appearance as a Bond Girl stands out. And for the ones who were established stars Bond was neither a positive or a negative, just another film. The only star whose career seems to have been launched by Bond in recent years is Famke Janssen. At thirty when Goldeneye came out it cam at just the right time for her before she became to old in a fickle Hollywood. 

And as a post script to this article I have read that Tony Blair, David Frost, Kenneth Williams and Brian Clough are all in line to play a Bond villain (even though half of them are dead). The truth is that there is loads of articles kicking around the internet suggesting chameleon/actor Michael Sheen is set to play Blofeld in the as yet untitled new Bond film. It is sadly just a rumour at the moment but a good one. As far as I can tell the source is this article from Empire Magazine:


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blade posterFilms based on comic books and graphic novels are big business taking billions of dollars and the box office.  Last year saw the top four comic book movies: The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Hellboy II gross more than two billion dollars.  Two of these films (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk) represent some of the latest films from Marvel Studios.  Launched in the mid 90’s they have been so successful that they are now moving away from co-productions with other studios and are making their own films.  But where did it all start?

blade and frostAfter years of the rights Marvel comics being sold of for TV shows and rubbish films (often with a tiny budget) Marvel studios first film was a co production with New Line Cinema.  Not risking one of their big name comic books their first film and in some ways their most important was Blade.  Released in 1998 written by David S. Goyer, directed by Stephen Norrington and staring Wesley Snipes.  The Character was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan in the 70’s as a supporting character in The Tomb of Dracula comic book.  He went on to star in his own comic book as well as making appearances in various other Marvel Titles before being picked up for this movie that spawned two sequels and a TV spin-off .

kris kristoffersontracy lordsWesley Snipes is perfect in the lead role giving the right blend of stone faced killer, brooding hero and a little deadpan humour.  He is well supported by veteran actor Kris Kristofferson as Abraham Whistler his sidekick, mentor, weaponsmith and general farther figure.  The villain of the piece is Decaon Frost (Stephen Dorff) a vampire with a plan that involves Blade.  Amongst the supporting cast is former porn star Traci Lords making one of her occasional appearances in a mainstream film.  The story is original taking ideas from the comics but no real plot details.  The reason the film works so well is its blend of action horror and the aforementioned deadpan humour.  The blood soaked rave at the start sets the tone for the movie and the directors background in music videos is evident as he keeps the action coming. 

wolverineThe production had a relatively modest budget of around $45million and produced worldwide Gross revenue of $131million.  This does not appear to be much when compared to the near $600million Iron Man took or the or the $2.5billion the three Spider-Man movies have made however without the relative success of Blade these films and the X-Men films including this years Wolverine movie may never have been made.  If this is a comic book adaptation that has passed you by now is the time to give a go.  And if you like it you are in for a treat, the sequel directed by visionary geniuses Guillermo Del Toro is even better.

This is the first of a series of articles about comic book/graphic novel adaptations look out for further articles on the subject.

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The dreamers posterBernardo Bertolucci doesn’t make many films, in a career that has spanned nearly fifty years he has made less than twenty films.  In the last two decades he has managed just four.  His most recent; The Dreamers was more than five years ago but is actually my favourite of his work.  His most well know films are probably Last Tango in Paris and of his more recent work Stealing Beauty (featuring a great central performance from Liv Tyler) but the dreamers is a truly captivating film.  It is a film by a director who loves films about people who love films for people who love films. 

the dreamersSet in Paris in 1968 this is film that is truly in love with films.  From the opening bars of Third Stone from the Sun by Jimmi Hendrix and the voiceover saying “The first time I saw a movie at the cinématèque française I thought, “Only the French would house a cinema inside a palace.””  I knew I was going to love this film, it had me hooked.  The voiceover is given by Matthew (Michael Pitt) who is the central character.  An American student living in Paris to learn French.  The star of the film is the simply mesmerising Eva Green playing Isabella one of the French twins who befriend Matthew.  All the more remarkable as this was the first film the young actress had made, three years before her most famous role as Vespa Lynd in Casino Royale.  A stunning début!

the dreamers bathTheo and Isabelle live in a large apartment is Parris with their parents, it is probably best described by A. O. Scott in his New York Times review as “decadent bourgeois squalor” he also calls the relationship between the twins as “incestuous in all but the most technical sense”.  This sums up the pair perfectly, Matthew is uncomfortable with this but is drawn to it, to them.  Matthew movies in when the twin’s parents leave on a trip.  The trio live an isolated existence in their apartment coming somewhat detached from the world outside and the 1968 Student Rebellions that are going on outside their windows.  Theo is the most politically minded of the characters but is no more involved than the other two he is happy to live in his parents comfortable surrounding and drink their expensive wine.  One us suspects that had this been the revolution and not a student uprising it is more likely that his head be on the block than his hands on the guillotine! They are lost in a world of films, music and later sex.  Their farther who Theo sees as selling out tells his son “Before you can change the world you must realize that you, yourself, are part of it. You can’t stand outside looking in.”  After his talk of change at the end of the film Theo and Isabelle get involved in the protests as Matthew disappears into the crowd.  Are the Dreamers of the title the people of the streets rebelling for change or are they the kids lost in a dream world of classic cinema?  This is never explained letting the viewer make their own mind up.  Ultimately I think it refers to both as they are both victims of youthful folly and they turn out to be not that much different.  

dreamersOn release in America the film received an NC-17 rating for explicit sexual content although there is also an R rated version that has been cut.  The BBFC in the UK gave it their maximum 18 rating but was passed with no cuts made.  It actually contains very little sex and what is shown is relatively mild but there is a huge amount of nudity.  Both the nudity and the sex are integral to the plot and like the rest of the film are intelligently and beautifully shot.  At the box office the film had a limited release but has done okay on DVD covering its $15 million budget.  Not bad for an arty film with a crippling certificate.

a bout de souffleI have already touched on the cinematic connections and references to other films.  there is also an interesting device used where a when a characters discus or impersonate films we see little clips of the original films notably:  A bout de soufflé, Bede a part, Freaks, Blonde Venus, Scarface, Queen Christina and Top Hat. This could be seen as a way of demonstrating the depth of film knowledge the characters have or a director assuming the audience don’t have the knowledge that he or his characters do.  However you look at it I see it as a treat and a reminder of some great films particularly Jean-Luc Godard’s sublime A bout de soufflé (Breathless).  The music is also central and captures the mood and setting perfectly, used as background music as well as records played by the characters.  As well as Hendrix who I have already mentioned there is music by 60’s icons:  The Doors, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and the Steve Miller Band.  There is music from other films that is successfully used within the score. 

the dreamers eva greenFor those who are not offended by the sex and nudity this is a film that deserves a greater audience than the art-house and cult following it has picked up.  It is intelligently made, perfectly paced and beautifully photographed making a far more rewarding film than your usual coming of age drama.  It is also a chance to see Eva Green giving a carefree performance where she is able to let go and give her all.  It is a performance that that you are unlikely to see from her now she is a big name star and also one that only certain directors can get out of a young starlet.  It is not the first time Bernardo Bertolucci has done it lets hope it isn’t the last.

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