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blood the last vampireOnigenAnyone who has read my earlier posts will know I love vampire movies. One of the things I love about the genre is that even within the confine set out by the mythology a vampire film can be: Horror (Near Dark), Action (Blade), Romance (The Hunger), Teen comedy/drama (The Lost Boys), Comedy (Innocent Blood), Sci-Fi (Lifeforce), Arty (Nadja), Sex (Vampiros Lesbos). So with this in mind I have obviously been to see the latest vampire film, Blood: The last vampire. I was a little concerned that I couldn’t find any reviews of the film even two days after it came out. Added to this it is the third film from music video director Chris Nahon whose first film Kiss of the Dragon was frankly rubbish. I decided to take my chances and see it anyway.

sayaAllison MillerBased on a 2000 Japanese animation it is the story of Saya a vampire with a sole (sound familiar?) who hunts down and kills demons with the help of a shady agency. Even with my lowered expectations I was disappointed. There are many problems with the film including: Saya suffers from the same problem as Wolverine, she appears virtually impossible to hurt and cuts through her foe (literally) with too much ease without ever appearing to be in danger. This prevents the viewer from connecting with the character. The CGI is poor at best, not a big problem other than the fact it is over used. There is also a real lack of a decent villain. The “bottom feeders” as Saya refers to them offer no real test so we are left to wait for the oldest and most evil demon who Saya has been waiting centuries to kill. When she arrives she is hardly the supreme evil we have been waiting for. It is not helped by the dream like other world type setting of the showdown that offers nothing new to the genre and dulls the action. All these problems are minor in comparison to the biggest problem of the film the acting is really really poor . Gianna Jun is okay as Saya, Allison Miller isn’t too bad as Alice but she is a bit annoying at times and is clearly in her mid blood the last vampire fight in schoollarry lambtwenties and not of school age as is suggested. The rest of the cast includes English TV stalwarts Larry Lamb and Colin Salmon who really ham it up as does Lian Cunningham.

Fortunately the film is relatively short so does not drag out the disappointment for too long. Lets hope the next big vampire film Daybreakers is better!

Now that looks more like it!

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