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The idea of a trailer is to get people to see the movie.  Nothing more nothing less.  After all a films success can live or die by its marketing.  However in recent years trailers have become an art form in themselves.  They have to give away enough of the film to make it compelling without ruining the plot.  Music can be essential in creating the mood and the feeling of a movie.  A great example of that is the recent (excellent) trailer for Watchmen that utilised the Smashing Pumpkins song “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” from the Batman & Robin soundtrack.  It fits this film so much better than it did its original film.  The other great trailer at the moment is Public Enemies that uses Ten Million Slaves by Otis Taylor but also contains a lot of film dialogue. 

The best trailer I can remember seeing is the Kill Bill trailer below. There are lots of variations but this one for Vol. 1 was perfect.  The action mainly centres on the House of Blue Leaves scenes, possibly the best section of the film featuring Uma Thurman in her iconic Bruce Lee inspired yellow tracksuit.  The dialogue is kept to a minimum and only used at the end.  The music is cranked up and fits perfectly with the editing.  Take a look: 

Is that the best film trailer ever?  I think so!

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