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Mr DresdonEmilio EstevezAny regular cinema goer (in the UK)  will be familiar with the Orange adds that come between the trailers and the film.  The better ones are very funny the first time you see them but get annoying very quickly.  You can always spot people who don’t go very often when they laugh at them.  For anyone from other countries (or who don’t go to the cinema) the adverts are based around The Orange Film Board a fiction company funded by the orange mobile phone network.  Each advert consists of a celebrity usually an actor pitching a film idea to the board lead my Mr Dresden (Brennan Brown) who then proceed to ruin the idea by thinking up ways of turning the film into giant mobile phone commercial.  Over time the adverts have evolved and they include on location settings while a film is in production.  Or the latest featuring Emilio Estevez  “Saving Private Ryan’s Number”:


At the end of the advert when asked about the historical accuracy of the film Mr Dresden explains that they just want to “Blow stuff up and sell some phones” this got me thinking is it any different to any summer blockbuster that is filled with product placements and has to have bigger and louder explosions than the last years blockbusters.

Take the big films from the summer so far:

  • Transformers looks like a giant General Motors Advert
  • Budweiser is just about the only beer drunk in films as proved by Star Trek and Wolverine.
  • Apple and Dell are the only computers in the world: Night at the Museum (plus nine other films) Fast & Furious (plus five others) respectively.


repo man

Bigger and supposedly better explosions and product placements aplenty.  If you are getting a bit jaded by all this take a look at Alex Cox’s 1984 classic Repo Man (also staring Emilio Estevez ) for a great parody of product placement in films. 


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