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Britt EklandIt has long been suggested that being a bond girl can end your mpvie career. Certainly picking out a lot of the older films a Bond film seems to be the highlight of many actresses careers. Even established stars aren’t immune Britt Ekland’s best films all seem to be pre Bond. So I thought I would see how some of the stars of more recent films have survived the curse of Bond.

Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco: The Polish actress had appeared in a couple of Scandinavian films and TV series but nothing notable. After taking on the role of Natalya, the main Bond girl in the franchise re-launch Goldeneye she disappeared for nearly five years before appearing in a Polish film. Her other work to date consists of the rubbish Vertical Limit, The enjoyable but flawed dragon movie Reign of Fire and Exorcist: The Beginning that I haven’t seen. She has also made a few films I have never heard of.  Curse? Looks like its true!

Femke JanssenMeanwhile Bond girl number two from Goldeneye Femke Janssen who stole the show with her over the top portrait of Xenia Onatopp has carved out a good career. Prior to Bond the only film she had made that I have seen was Lord of Illusions that came out around the same time as Goldeneye. Since then she has been in numerous films including: The Gingerbread Man, Deep Rising, The Faculty, Love & Sex, Made, I Spy, Taken and her most famous role Jean Grey/Phoenix in the three X-Men movies.  Curse? This evens things up there is no curse!

Michelle YeohMichelle Yeoh was one of the biggest stars in Asia and well known in the west when she took on the role of Chinese agent Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies. Since then she has gone on to make many successful films including the huge Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon.  Curse? What curse?


Denise RichardsDenise Richards has never been A list but she was doing okay. She is probably best known for her role alongside Neve Cambell (what’s happened to her?) in Wild things, Starship Troopers was also a successful big budget film. Then came he role as Dr Christmas Jones in The World is Sophie Marceaunot Enough. Since then she has made over 20 films, the only one I have seen is Edmond a film in which she had a tiny part.  Curse? Maybe there is something to this curse!

 But hang on a minute, that film also stared Sophie Marceau. Although she still makes most of her films in her native France she is still a big star, I don’t think Bond has affected her either way.  Curse? I told you there was no curse!

Halle BerryHalle Berry was a huge star and an Oscar winner before playing Jinx in the terrible Die Another Day so no curse was going to ruin her career. She has made a few questionable films such as Catwoman.  Curse? If your career can survive rubbish like Catwoman a curse won’t hurt you!


Eva GreenThis brings us to the latest incarnation of Bond following another re-boot (thats what they seem to call them now!) of the franchise. Never before filmed as an official bond film Eva Green got the dream job as original Bond Girl Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale. At this time she had only made three other films but her debut was in Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers. Her third film was Ridley Scott’s all star Kingdom of Heaven so we are not talking about the discovery of an unknown here! She was excellent in Casino Royale and followed it up with a safe option The Golden Compass, as it turned out The Golden Compass was complete rubbish and didn‘t do that well. Her next film, Franklin failed to make an impact. Although it had a UK theatrical release it was in a very limited number of screens so we will have to see how it does when released in the USA before passing judgment. It is also probably too early to cast a judgment on Eva Greens prospects but I think she will be okay.  Curse? No I don’t think so!

Olga KurylenkoGemma ArtertonIts probably too soon to look at the stars of Quantum of solace. I haven’t made my mind up about Gemma Arterton yet. She is certainly attractive enough to be a star but I haven’t seen a star performance from her. The make or break film  of her career could be Prince of Persia and not Bond. Olga Kurylenko was good in Quantum of Solace but looking at some of her other films she doesn’t choose her films well (Hitman & Max Payne) and could suffer for that reason. This actually sums up the Curse of the Bond Girl, many actresses who have suffered it would never have been big stars had they not been in a bond film therefore their appearance as a Bond Girl stands out. And for the ones who were established stars Bond was neither a positive or a negative, just another film. The only star whose career seems to have been launched by Bond in recent years is Famke Janssen. At thirty when Goldeneye came out it cam at just the right time for her before she became to old in a fickle Hollywood. 

And as a post script to this article I have read that Tony Blair, David Frost, Kenneth Williams and Brian Clough are all in line to play a Bond villain (even though half of them are dead). The truth is that there is loads of articles kicking around the internet suggesting chameleon/actor Michael Sheen is set to play Blofeld in the as yet untitled new Bond film. It is sadly just a rumour at the moment but a good one. As far as I can tell the source is this article from Empire Magazine:


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