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The Brøken

the broken poster bThe Brøken is a slow moving psychological horror/thriller and is the latest in my “DVD Gems” series of films that didn’t make it to my local cinema.  Gina (Lena Headey) is a radiologist working in London.  She is in a new relationship as is her brother, her farther is also going through a change in life, retirement.  After a few strange occurrences Gina sees herself on the street, is this a doppelganger or is she losing her mind?  This starts a chain of events that lead to her being involved in a car crash.  After the crash as she suffers with memory loss things start to get a little strange.

Warning plot spoilers below. 

Are you still with me?  That means:

  1. You have already seen the film and are wondering what I thought about it.
  2. You have no intention of ever seeing it.
  3. Or that you are type of person who reads the last chapter of a book first.

the broken lena headeyAs the film unfolds it becomes clear that there are mirror versions of people who join the real world via broken mirrors.  The characters are unaware of the other version of themselves except Gina who is haunted by it.  What is happening could be related to or a metaphor for the modern fear of identity theft.  The alternate people could also be seen as a metaphor for a person’s life is taking a new direction, as mentioned before all the characters in the film are going through or have recently gone through a change in life.  As Gina starts to believe that the same thing has happened to her family and that an invasion of the body snatchers type situation is happening she is told that she has a rare condition caused by her accident that makes her imagine the problem.  The audience is gradually let in on what is happening there are some neat set pieces including a variation on a murder in the shower scene.  The reveal at the end where we discover Gina is actually a doppelganger herself is very good and well handled but like the rest of the film may disappoint people looking for a change of pace.   

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