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public enemiesWhat is the big summer film that you are really looking forward to?  Transformers 2, Angels and Demons or Terminator Salvation?  For me it is Public Enemies for three reasons: 



  1. Michael Mann films are always good 
  2. There is something about Johny Depp that makes me wonder about his sanity but he is always watchable 
  3. The trailer just makes the film look so fucking cool! 


thiefSeriously if the film is one tenth as good as the trailer I will be happy (really bad films can look good in a trailer!) it looks like the Arthur Penn classic Bonnie and Clyde with Michael Mann style.  That has to be good! This has made me look back over Michael Mann Films, a director who has never made a bad film.  We are not looking at his masterpiece Heat but going back to the start, Thief.  Before Manhunter (the first and still the best Hannibal Lecter film) even before Miami Vice Michael Mann wrote, produced and directed Thief the story of a master safecracker. 

thief tuesday weldAn almost forgotten film from 1981 staring James Cann and Tuesday Weld.  Cann is a safecracker at the top of his game.  He only does the jobs he wants to do; he works with his own people and only steels diamonds or cash.  His wife has recently left him but he has met someone else (the criminally underused Tuesday Weld). Things go wrong when a local organised crime boss wants him to work for him.  This brings him onto the radar of the local corrupt police and threatens all he has built.  The film introduces some themes that reoccur in Michael Mann films and TV work.  James Cann is a likeable criminal a bit like Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) in Heat.  They are both prepared to walk away from all they have.  As a bank robber McCauley is far more violent but there are certainly similarities. 

Don’t expect anything as polished as his recent work but this early Michael Mann is well worth a look

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