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chuck-taylor-all-starConverse All-Stars, Chuck Taylor, Chucks, All-Stars; whatever you call them they are one of the most iconic items of footwear ever made.   They have been around for ever, well since 1917 but that’s longer than most people on the planet so it may as well have been for ever!  It is no surprise that they crop up in many films, if the film maker wants to get an authentic look or tell us something about the character a pair of Chucks covers a multitude of fashions and eras from athletes, musicians, school kids and police detectives they crop up all over the place, Even Harry Potter and Dr Who wear them.  But once in a while they become part of the film and are more important than a finishing touch from the costume department.

blood-workIn the Clint Eastwood movie Blood Work a bloody Chuck Taylor footprint is left at a crime scene. This really narrows down who the killer is as it is such a rare shoe with around a billion pairs sold to date.  Later in the film we are shown various shots of a pair of Chucks worn by someone in the crowd, is this the killer coming back to observe the investigation or just a coincidence? 

one-night-at-mccoolsOne Night at McCools also uses the iconic tread pint in the plot.  Matt Dillon’s character breaks into a house containing a dead body and incriminates himself by stepping in a pool of blood leaving you guessed it a Chuck footprint. 


i-robot-shoeI-Robot is set in 2035, Det. Del Spooner (Will Smith) is suspicious of modern technology and is into retro things like Stevie Wonder music on his old HiFi and his vintage 2004 Chucks.  The chosen shoe was a classic black and white hightop but with leather uppers, a model that went on sale in 2004, the year of the movie.  Nice product placement by new owners Nike! 

back-to-the-futureIn Back to the Future when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) ends up back in 1955 he has to change his clothes to fit the time.  He ends up with a pair of Chucks and blue jeans that he could of worn back home in the 80’s or in the distant future like for example now!  Look out for the skateboarding scenes for the best shots of the shoes. 

sin-cityNot integral to the story but rarely have pair of Chucks looked as cool as when were worn by Dwight (Clive Owen) in Sin City.  As the rest of the film is black and white (and I really mean bold, stark black & white, sin city chuck taylornot shades of grey) with the odd thing in bright vivid colour.  One of these things is Dwight’s red Chucks.  The cannibalistic killer Kevin (Elijah Wood) also has a pair but his are as monochrome as the film. 

the-outsidersThe “greaser” look that is so important to the authentic feel of The Outsiders includes Levi jeans and jackets greased back hair and is completed by a pair of Chucks.  C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Emilio Estevez and Rob Lowe are all seen wearing them.

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