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from-russia-with-love-posterDVD’s are great, the picture and sound quality are outstanding but lets be honest films are best at the cinema on a 30 foot screen (or bigger). For that reason it is always worth going to see an older film at the cinema when you get the chance. That’s why I went to see From Russia with Love today. The film was made in 1963 and has long been regarded (by me) as been the best bond film ever made. As the second film in the series it does not suffer from the baggage of the later films. For that reason it actually works in its own right as a good film not just a good Bond film. Even the next film in the series had started to be overtaken with its own hype with Sean Connery playing the part with a knowing wink (that Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan had from day one on the job!).

from-russia-with-loveOne of the reasons it works so well as it relatively accurate to the novel, the main difference is the use of SPECTRE who replace SMERSH who are the adversary in the novel. This requires a few small tweaks to the plot. The other difference is that Bond is introduced much later in the book after concentrating on the Grant character in the early chapters. There is a nod to this in the fact bond doesn’t actually appear in the pre credit scene. Directed with great confidence by Terence Young in his second of three Bond films, along with Guy Hamilton he was responsible for a lot of the great early Bond films. As is often the case with films of the era and Bond films the dialogue can be a bit clunky and the delivery a bit wooden. The rear projection in the car and boat scenes is also horrendous but again common for the era. All this can easily be overlooked for a film that effectively blends action with a spy story containing plots and counterplots and memorable villains.

From Russia with Love is always worth watching but at the cinema it is a special treat. If it makes it to your local cinema go and see it.

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