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Warning contains plot spoilers

Don’t read this article if you intend to watch The Uninvited or A Tale of Two Sisters

Before going to see The Uninvited I had a quick look in my copy of Empire magazine (issue 239). It didn’t give it the greatest review but didn’t completely put me off. The problem was one little section that read “This slick remake of the Korean A Tale of Two Sisters”. Anyone who has seen the Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) will know there is a fantastic twist in the plot. As there are a few small differences in the plot at the start of the film what I describe below relates to The Uninvited:

uninvitedbAnna (Emily Browning) returns home after ten months in a metal hospital following the death of her mother in a fire. She has no real memory of what happened other than dreams of that night that haunt her. On returning home she is greeted by he slightly older sister Alex (Arielle Kebbel) and her fathers new girlfriend (Elizabeth Banks) who was her mothers former nurse. As Anna begins to see dead people who are trying to tell her something she realises the fire was not an accident and suspects Rachel the stepmother of killing her. A friend, Matt (Jesse Moss) is also killed whist on the way to meet Anna to tell her what happened the night her mom died.

two2With the help of Alex, Anna investigates Rachel on the internet and suspect her of killing a family ten years earlier. Alex ends up killing Rachel saving Anna from the stepmother who appears to have murderous intentions for the girls. Then we have the big reveal: Alex was killed in the same fire as the mother and all the things Alex has done including killing Rachel was actually done by Anna. This would have been a nice twist if not for the review telling me it is a remake of a film that had a very similar twist. Would I have spotted what was coming had it not been given away? We will never know, but one thing for sure I would have enjoyed the film more. As it was I spent the whole film watching for proof that Alex wasn’t there for example when she shouted at her farther who didn’t answer. I have to accept that this film is intended for people who haven’t seen the original so I possibly not the target audience.

uninvitedBeyond the problems caused by the review it probably isn’t a bad film although there is a difference in the plot in that it is implied that Rachel is innocent where as Uen-joo the stepmother played by Jung-ah Yum in the original was a wonderfully wicked character. It also makes the events more clearly psychological than supernatural taking away a lot of the ambiguity of the original film. The film also falls down a little with the fathers character been very weekly developed und underused. Had he has very little interaction with his Anna making him oblivious to the events until the very end. This was a lazy way of making the plot fit.

So that’s how the review ruined the film for me. If you have read this and now intend to watch the film I have ruined it for you. However I did warn you at the top!

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