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ddIf ever there was a film that does not need a sequel it is Donnie Darko.  The film is wholly contained and finishes with a perfect blend of narrative closure and ambiguity.   For those who haven’t seen it I will not provide a brief synopsis I will just say go and see it!  It is the film that launched the careers of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, they had both made films before but this was the springboard to what they have done since. 


sdSo from this you have probably guessed that a sequel to Donnie Darko has been made S. Darko.  And true to form with all ill advised follow-up films the main cast has gone and a minor character has been promoted to the staring role.  In this case it is Samantha Darko (I wonder how they came up with the title?), the younger sister of Donnie from the original film.  She is still played by Daveigh Chase (now 18 years old) who played her in the original film.  The film takes place in a small town when a road trip to LA is cut short by a blown water pump.  The trailer shows Samantha having similar dreams warning her of the end of the world and the director (Chris Fisher, Richard Kelly has nothing to do with this film) has said his aim was sds“to create a similar world of blurred fantasy and reality”.  Clearly this not going to have anything new to say and will just be a rehash of the original ideas it appears we even have a new version of Frank.  This is lazy filmmaking, if the director has a vision why not make his own film rather than cashing in on someone else’s ideas.   


A you can guess from my comments I am not impressed with the idea of this film, but will I watch it?  Yes of course I will

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