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Friday the 13th

In honour of today’s date I am going to take a quick look back at an old film. 


13thHalloween is the classic of teen slasher movies that everyone tries to live up to but the original Friday the 13th isn’t bad.  At nearly 30 years old it looks a little cheep now but there is enough to still make you jump.  In fairness to the makers of the film writer Victor Miller has made no secret that it was his intention to cash in on the success of Halloween that came out just two years earlier. It worked the film made nearly $40million (about $125million in today’s money adjusted for inflation) from an initial budget of about $550,000 (Halloween made $47 million from a $325,000 budget).  One of the ways the budget was kept down was to film at a real camp; Camp Nobebosco in New Jersey.  The camp is still in existence today and is visited by fans of the film.  It is a surprisingly enjoyable film even in an irony obsessed post Scream era, and look out for a Young Kevin Bacon.  A remake has recently come out but only lasted a week at my local cinema, not a good sign, especially when compared to My Bloody Valentine that with the aid of the 3D gimmick lasted over a month! I must be honest I didn’t get around to seeing either but don’t think I missed much from reviews and word of mouth.  A little piece of trivia, the body count goes up from 10 to 14 in the remake compared to the original. 


By now everyone probably knows the twist at the end but for those who don’t I won’t give it away! 

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